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November Update

Yesterday I wrote out a check for $550 to the Childcare Action Council for the Raising a Reader program, that benefits kids and families in Thurston and Mason Counties. This contribution represents 20% of the net proceeds from the three book events in October – Arts Walk, Friday book signing at the Boston Harbor Marina, and the linoleum block demonstration and book reading at Orca Bookstore.  Thanks to everyone who came to see me, smiled, and bought a book! This contribution will help several families become readers.

Last week I made a quick trip to Boise, Idaho home to a number of my friends from my under graduate days at the University of Idaho.  Janie Modie opened her charming home in Eagle, Idaho to about 20 people.  I suspect that there was a litmus test to garner an invitation – everyone was either a reader or a dog person or in many cases, both.  Whatever the criteria was, the audience was receptive and generous and I sold 55 books.

Story telling is all about making connections and to date, this fun project I have set myself off on has been thoroughly gratifying.  The feedback indicates that the vignettes in “Quite Contrary” do resonate with others – what else might a writer ask for.

Tomorrow I will drive to Nanaimo, BC via Port Angeles and Victoria for another house party, this one hosted by Jane Gregory.  I am looking forward to the beautiful drive almost as much as I am looking forward to seeing Jane and a number of her friends I have gotten to know through nearly 50 years of friendship.

A future event that just fell into place yesterday is “First Friday” in Shelton, Washington on December 5th.  Evidently, the organizers of this annual event block off Railroad Avenue for nine blocks build fires in large urns and supply the marshmallows and other fixings for ‘smores.’  I will be at Sage Bookstore, a genuine gem, with an eclectic collection of books including a nice section devoted to local authors, along with a coffee shop and gift store.  Carolyn Olsen is the owner and I am in her debt for the invitation.

It turns out that “Quite Contrary” is the perfect ‘stocking stuffer’ for the holiday season so be sure to visit one of the many places listed on the home page or contact me directly to make sure the“stockings’ you are in charge of will be stuffed with humor instead of coal.

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